As a former teacher, Senior Photo Sessions are still some of my favorite experiences. My heart breaks for seniors and their families that don’t get all the traditional events leading up to their graduation from High School. If you are a senior or the family member of a senior who’s been impacted by COVID-19, please fill out this inquiry form so I can give back in some way to you and your family. This is such an important part of your life, and I want to give you good memories to look back on later.

Graduation, Scholarship Ceremony, Graduation Parties, Prom, Senior Night, and Sporting Events. These were all events that looked completely different or were non-existent this year. A special family photo session can still galvanize this special season. Seniors can wear their cap and gown with the family. We can also take updated headshots for their freshman year which are great if considering rushing a fraternity or sorority.

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Senior Photo Sessions for Seniors 2021

If you have an upcoming senior, please get on my calendar ASAP. The best time to schedule senior portraits is July- September. September fills up super fast, and there’s only a short window for the changing aspen leaves. If that’s the type of shoot you’ve envisioned, I’d get on my September calendar as soon as possible.

These pictures will stay with you for a lifetime. Your kids will look at these one day, and I take special consideration to capture my clients in a way that they’ll be proud to show these off now and in the future. 

My Experience As a Senior

I’ve been seeing this trend going around Facebook of people posting their senior portraits. Well here’s mine! I’m going to tell you a little bit about my experience and struggles when I was a senior.

Andrea Stark Senior

When I took my senior pictures, it is still one of my favorite memories of my senior year. I used the same studio photographer that all my friends were using. We drove two hours to this guy’s studio (All About Faces) and carefully chose three outfits to be photographed in. The photographer made me feel at ease and took their time to not rush the process which I so appreciated. 

Senior Photos Have Power

Ya’ll! High school can be rough. I know! I had a pretty great high school experience minus one stupid ex-boyfriend. We all had at least one bad relationship, right? I was just coming off a hard break up, and that relationship had really made my confidence suffer.

I remember that shoot as a turning point in my life. I left the shoot itself with some much gained confidence. When I had my image delivery meeting (now I know it as in person sales meetings) but I saw myself as the person I wanted to be. I remember thinking, wow, is that me?! 

Pictures have power, I’m telling you! Photography is a tool to help empower you and boost your confidence. 

Back in my day, you gave all your friends wallets of your senior pictures. Maybe it was because it was before Facebook,  Instagram or TikTok confidence boosters. Yes, I just equated wallet sized portraits to today’s gratification of social media. 

Maybe guys don’t experience this in the same way girls do, but I want to give my seniors all the confidence in the world. Whether you are a guy or a girl graduating next year, I’d love to take your senior pictures! Both guys and girls have felt really comfortable during my sessions and really love the images. 

Schedule Your Senior Photos and Family Session

If the parents want to tag along on these special senior sessions I always recommend it. I’ll even snap a picture or two of you and your senior. I have found that those pictures together are always a cherished favorite. Fill out this form to schedule today.