What to Know About Having a Snowy Photography Session

What to Know About Having a Snowy Photography Session

A lot of my couples are Southern like me. Some of them have never seen snow before. I love the opportunity to document the first trip to see snow in our beautiful winter town of Breckenridge. When planning for a winter session in Breckenridge it’s good to know a few things before. Hint, there will be snow! I wanted to cover what to expect, how to stay warm, and what looks best for a snowy winter session.

First thing I want my clients to know is dress warmly! Absolutely wear that cute winter outfit, but also wear thermals underneath and a big coat. Most of my clients will shed their coats and gloves for photos, and immediately put it back on in between photos. Staying warm ensures that we get to shoot longer and you get more pictures!

Also, the location I’ll suggest will be accessible and walkable, but I’d still wear tall boots or snow boots with wool socks as you’ll be walking in the snow. I’ve been known to come to a location after a fresh snow fall and pack down the snow while wearing my snowshoes. I want to make sure you can walk to our locations without getting buried knee deep in snow.

Styling Suggestions For Winter Photo Sessions

Some of my clients like to know my styling suggestions, too. As far as styling your session, a statement coat with a beanie, scarf and gloves or a warm, oversized, snuggly sweater with tall boots and a hat is super cute. The great thing about snow is it creates a beautiful white backdrop, so even though it might seem counterintuitive, soft pastel, muted colors like soft pinks and powder blues still look great! And, remember, regardless of the setting, you can never go wrong with neutrals!

Seeing Snow For the First Time

When India emailed me, she made sure to tell me this was her first time to see snow. She just wanted to document her and her husband, Matt’s trip with a playful couples session. We had the best time with all the new fresh flakes and I just love how their images turned out!


Here’s to my couples who end their session with snow angels and a snow ball fight! If that sounds like fun to you, let’s chat!

Pregnancy Announcement in the Mountains

Pregnancy Announcement in the Mountains

A lot of my couples are planning a mountaintop getaway with a little secret…they’re pregnant! I love capturing this big announcement for expecting mamas and daddy’s way to tell their friends and family that a new member is joining their family.

When my husband and I were expecting our first baby, Savvy, we went down to the Blue River and took a few shots of us with our 8 week ultrasound and another with our fishing waders and fly rods, because lord knows we knew we’d be doing a lot less fishing when our first baby came around!

Documenting this time in your lives is a special milestone as it freezes the last time your family is going to look just like this. In a few months, you are going to wonder how you ever lived without that new little baby in your lives and can’t imagine your life without them. Then you’ll have these pictures to look back on and say, oh yes, that was such a sweet (and rested) time in our lives!

Pregnancy Photo Session

When Molly and Austin from Nashville were planning their trip to the mountains, they didn’t know they were expecting. When they found out they had a little bun in the oven, they reached out to me to document their announcement photos. Take a look at their session and see if having your pregnancy announcement documented this way sound just about perfect for you!


Could you spot the ducks in the last pictures? What a perfect session in every way! Congrats Molly and Austin! So excited for you to meet your new baby in July 2020!

Rocky Mountain Bride Feature – Bachelorette Weekend in Breckenridge

Rocky Mountain Bride Feature – Bachelorette Weekend in Breckenridge

I was featured on Rocky Mountain Bride’s Instagram! This was very exciting for me because Rocky Mountain Bride is a very big deal in the wedding publication industry in my area. They publish gorgeous weddings from the Rocky Mountain region, from Colorado to Canada.

It was awesome getting to take these 10 girls up to one of my favorite spots to capture them during Abbi’s bachelorette weekend. This was such a fun shoot! When planning locations, anything wintery was a go, so I took them up to one of my favorite places in Breckenridge to capture a snowy, wooded landscape. I knew they were going to be wearing faux furs, but I didn’t know how amazing they would be until I saw them in this environment! Even in the frigid temps, no one complained and we had the best time! 

Their entire bachelorette weekend was all flawlessly planned by Jetset Bachelorette (formerly Blush and Bashful bachelorette) which booked the girls an awesome victorian home right off Main Street Breckenridge, a personal chef, in home private yoga session with my favorite local yoga studio, Meta Yoga, and tubing at Copper Mountain. If you know someone who is looking for an all inclusive planning for a momentous occasion like a bachelorette weekend, reach out to Jetset Bachelorette. She plans fabulous bachelorettes around the country.



A few more of my favorite images from this shoot:

Contact Me For Your Bachelorette Party

If you are planning your bachelorette party in Breckenridge and want some fabulous pictures with all your best gals, let me know! I could do these fun sessions all day long!

The 5 Best Proposal and Engagement Photo Locations around Breckenridge

The 5 Best Proposal and Engagement Photo Locations around Breckenridge

I look around my beautiful home of Breckenridge, Colorado everyday and never get tired of views. There are beautiful places all around us. I get so excited to use all these locations as a backdrop for engagement sessions or suggest them when helping plan your proposal! The couple will always be the focal point but the location provides the perfect environment to capture my couple’s together.

I’m constantly scouting new locations to take my couples to, but these are my top 5 best proposal and engagement photo locations in Breckenridge. All of these locations are in or around a 45 minute drive from Breckenridge, Colorado. If you’re staying in Keystone, Silverthorne, Copper, Blue River, Frisco or Dillon, Colorado, all of these locations would be perfect for your destination proposal or engagement session.

  1. Boreas Pass Road



Boreas Pass Road offers a stunning setting for a Breckenridge engagement photo session.  This is one of the best locations for a Breckenridge engagement photo session because of the variety of breathtaking locations all in one place. Like literally, it will take your breath away at almost 11,500 feet. It is actually the only location on my list that is located in Breckenridge. 

Boreas Pass Road was a railroad track until 1938. It features aspen tunnels that are vividly bright in mid September and rocky passages that will gorgeously frame a couple for their proposal or engagement session. In the winter, the road is closed but it’s a quick (less than 10 minute walk) in to some pretty fantastic spots and an overlook that features all of Breckenridge Ski Resort. You can drive on the road from June-October and even see an old train car at the Continental Divide. 

2. Blue Lakes


For an adventurous and whimsical Breckenridge engagement session location in the Summer and Fall, I recommend Blue Lakes. Taking your engagement photos at the waterfall and high alpine lake could be just the perfect adventure for you both. I was first drawn to the location because of the tucked away waterfall on the Monte Cristo Creek. You may even see a mountain goat along the trail up to the highest lake! This location is only accessible by car from late June-mid November depending on seasonal snowfall. 

For an adventurous and whimsical Breckenridge engagement session location in the Summer and Fall, I recommend Blue Lakes. Taking your engagement photos at the waterfall and high alpine lake could be just the perfect adventure for you both. I was first drawn to the location because of the tucked away waterfall on the Monte Cristo Creek. You may even see a mountain goat along the trail up to the highest lake! This location is only accessible by car from late June-mid November depending on seasonal snowfall. 

3. Sapphire Point and Windy Point 



I’m pairing these two together, because they are so close together and both offer great mountain perspectives no matter which one you choose. Or don’t choose! We can do both! Sapphire Point is extremely popular, so when it gets super busy or is already reserved for a wedding, I like to take my clients to Windy Point. Last year, Shane was about to propose to Kaitlyn at Sapphire Point. When I pulled up to Sapphire Point where we originally planned to shoot, Shane texted me and said. “It is so busy, can we go somewhere else?” I had Windy Point in my mind already, so I had them follow me just a short drive around the corner, and they had a perfectly private proposal! That’s not saying I don’t love shooting at Sapphire Point. You just have to be prepared to have people around. These two locations are year-round, and easily accessible even in the snow.

4. Lake Dillon

Lake Dillon Colorado Winter Engagement Session 24


Sapphire Point and Lake Dillon Colorado Proposal


Lake Dillon is the big reservoir you can see from i70 when driving from Silverthorne to Frisco. There’s so many different spots around the lake that are great photo backdrops. I love shooting around Lake Dillon from July-December when the lake is not frozen and you can have easy access to the shore. 

5. Loveland Pass



Now the last location is not actually in Breckenridge, but is a scenic drive and my all time favorite for every kind of shoot. Loveland Pass is about 45 minutes from Breckenridge and only 25 minutes from Keystone. The reason I love this area speaks for itself in the Engagement pictures below. It features high vistas, alpine lakes, wild flowers in the summer, and almost year-round snow on the peaks.


My Feelings About going Full-time and Leaving Teaching

My Feelings About going Full-time and Leaving Teaching

I counted it up just now. 40 photography clients in 2019! (and growing as I’m still booking sessions for the Holiday season) That’s 40 brides, families, mamas, and graduating seniors that have trusted me behind the camera. It is so humbling to get to do what I do now. For the first half of this year, I was still teaching full time. I worked my butt off to get here, and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity now to do photography full-time.

Full-time Photographer in Colorado

In June this year, I left my teaching job. Now, I can say, I’m a former English and Journalism middle school and high school teacher. For almost a decade, I taught students how to write their own stories and also analyze other writer’s. I would celebrate with my students when they went off to college and got their journalism degrees or published their own work. I have several students that are now professional photographers or writers of their own accord.

I loved [almost] every moment of being an educator. I spent my teaching career working towards that next award for my yearbook and newspaper programs, or increasing my students’ growth in Language Arts. One day, something clicked. My students were getting to achieve their dreams, and they wanted me to do the same. It was time to rewrite my chapter.

I left my local teaching job to become a full-time photographer and wedding professional. I’m determined to make a difference in every one of my client’s lives by providing them an amazing experience and giving them a product that will be their family heirlooms. My clients’ images will live on. Now, that’s my goal.

Similarities Between Teaching and Photography

Last night, I had the most amazing dinner in Denver with Julie Hill, owner of Elysium Productions, and Emily and Samantha of Bella Design and Planning. We got to talking about how we got into this wedding industry, and realized 3 out of 4 of us have Master’s degrees in Education. I think that says something amazing about teachers! Sure, we left the classroom, but that doesn’t mean that we left the attributes and training we gained, and love for students/people, and life-long learning when we left. We just brought all of that into our current professions.

Because I was a teacher, I can manage large groups at weddings, make a teenage boy laugh, connect with my clients and build relationships. My wedding photography timelines are flawlessly planned out (just like my old lesson plans), and I can keep everyone on schedule no matter how crazy a wedding day gets. I also have a thirst for learning, and I’m always signing up for a workshop and following prominent blogs and educators in the photography industry.

Though I sometimes miss being in the classroom, I love living out my passion everyday and going after my dreams of being a wedding and portrait photographer; telling my clients’ story in whatever season of life they are currently in.

Booking Photography Sessions for 2020

I’m already booking weddings and photography sessions for 2020, and I’m so excited to work with more amazing people out of my home of Breckenridge, Colorado and other mountain towns!