I usually start my day by asking Tyson what he wants to eat that night for dinner. Most of the time he gives me a silly answer or asks why I’m already thinking about dinner when I haven’t even had breakfast yet. But this particular morning he said, “I want shrimp linguine!” Well Tyson, thanks for being so specific this time.

Campfire Shrimp Linguine

So while he went fishing on the Colorado River, I got everything to make his requested shrimp linguine. I can’t remember the last time I made shrimp linguine so I had to jog my memory of what all goes in it. I went to my go-to favorite cook, The Pioneer Woman, and she had a recipe for Shrimp Linguine in foil packets. Her’s calls for using the oven, but the first thing I thought was now I can finally use our fire pit! There was only one problem…I’ve never started a fire by myself.

Campfire Shrimp Linguine

So while Tyson was catching trout and white fish, I got a few logs and my campfire starter secret weapon, an empty paper towel roll. I had a fire going in no time. As Tyson pulled up I had a surprise fire and dinner ready to go on the grill top. He had no idea what I was going to make or why I had the fire going, but like the great man he is he went with it.

Campfire Shrimp Linguine

We filled our bowls up in the house, topped it with parsley, red pepper flakes, and a little salt and pepper. Then we headed back outside to enjoy my first fire made all by myself. We stayed out there enjoying the warmth and watched the sun go down, and the stars come up.

Campfire Shrimp Linguine

This recipe is great for a fancy dinner while camping, or pretending you’re camping in your backyard fire pit.

Tyson and Andy


[recipe title=”Campfire Shrimp Linguine” servings=”4″ time=”35 minutes total”]


1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup unsalted butter
1 can 14 oz. diced tomatoes, undrained
2 cloves of garlic, minced
2 diced roma tomatoes
1 bunch fresh asparagus, cut in one inch pieces
1/4 cup of white wine
1/2 lb. linguine, uncooked
1 lb. shrimp, peeled and deveined
parsley, minced
salt and pepper
red pepper flakes


Heat skillet on medium. Add olive oil and butter. Sauté garlic for 1 minute. Add tomatoes, asparagus, and white wine. Season with salt and pepper. Cook for 10 minutes.

Boil water with some salt and cook linguine for half the recommended cooking time. Approximately 4 minutes.

Layer 2 sheets of heavy duty foil and spray with oil. Form foil into a boat. Layer tomato sauce first, then uncooked thawed (if frozen) shrimp, and top with cooked linguine. Drizzle with olive oil. Cook on campfire grill for 15 minutes (or in a preheated 350 degree oven). Carefully remove from heat and top with parsley, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes.

modified recipe from The Pioneer Woman.