Jennifer’s Pratt Place Inn Bridals

Jennifer’s Pratt Place Inn Bridals

My favorite bridal portraits I’ve EVER done! Doesn’t help to 1. have a ridiculously gorgeous bride 2. be one of her best friends 3. know exactly what she wants and likes

Jennifer is now Mrs. Doss! It seems like 5 years ago that I met Jenn. She was just starting to date this guy named Jacob. Yesterday, I got to stand at the altar as a bridesmaid while she made her groom instantly tear once he saw her walking down the aisle; while they said their vows to always be together; while they FINALLY (after 4 and a half years of dating) were pronounced husband and wife, and walked back down the aisle to the Star Wars theme (Jacob’s thumb print on the ceremony). I am so honored have experienced life with these two people! I was having coffee at Mama Carmen’s one day with Jennifer, and I told her how much it meant to me that she was apart of my story, and I apart of her and Jacob’s story. These two made up a huge part of my life in college and I’ve pledged my support, friendship, and prayer for the rest of their lives. I can’t let them down on that promise!

Jennifer was patient enough to wait for me to finish school before I shot her bridals. We did them last week at Pratt Place Inn and Barn, where her and Jacob were married. I was so thrilled to see a canvas size print of the first one at the wedding!


I have pretty friends!!!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!!!




Christie’s bridal session

Christie’s bridal session

I have been waiting MONTHS to post these pictures. Way back in May I met with Christie and her mother, and her future in-laws for a bridal session. The lovely Sarah Burnett at Black Sheep salon (she also does my hair) dolled up Miss Christie for the shoot. We went all over Fayetteville to get these shots and had an absolute blast doing so. Christie and Kyle tied the knot on the beach in the Riviera Maya, Mexico yesterday.

One of the best things about my job is helping tell a couples story. With Christie, I was there when she first meet Kyle! I served on a youth ministry leadership team with her and we took the kids to the Genesis Conference down in Fort Smith, AR. Kyle also was a youth leader at 180 Remix and played guitar with the worship band. Kyle saw Christie and had to meet her, and badabingbadaboom…They’re married!

Unfortunately their engagment session with me got rained out, so only weeks away and them living in Fort Smith there was no time to reschedule. But here they are, the long awaited (at least for me :)) bridal portraits of the beautiful new Mrs. Christie Morris!

We’ll start with my favorite…

I think this might be her mother-in-laws favorite!

The gate matches her eyes! Beautiful!

So photogenic!

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