DIY: How to Make a Diaper Cake

DIY: How to Make a Diaper Cake

Here’s another DIY (do it yourself) post on the blog! This is only my 2nd time to make a diaper cake, so I’m no expert! Diaper cakes are perfect for baby showers because they are part gift and part decoration. They are a lot easier to make than they seem. First, you’ll need a few things:

about 60-80 diapers size one or three.

I used 3 for this cake so the mom could enjoy her cake longer. I’ve used size ones before. It makes a smaller cake and the mom has to take it apart sooner. Also, you don’t have to get the expensive diapers, but I think they smell nice!

You’ll need 2 bottles for the middle of the cakes to support the diapers. I use two different sizes because of the height of the cake. Keep in mind any left overs that you don’t use on the cake can be given to the mom!

You’ll need a whole bunch of rubber bands!

Here’s how you start out making a diaper cake:

Wrap each diaper as tightly as you can starting with the front. I learned the hard way so I’ll share a little tip. Stretch the diaper out and roll very tightly. If you don’t the rolled up diaper will not look as neat.

Rolling the diapers is the most tedious part of making a diaper cake. Just keep on rolling!

These are the two different size bottles I used. This cake is for a baby girl so I chose pink!

For each tier of the cake, wrap diapers (messy part in) around the bottle. Use the tall bottle first and secure it to a 10 or 12 inch round cake board.

Secure each row with a rubber band until you have 3 rows. I start out with 7 in the first row.

Then build another tier on top of that. Place the shorter bottle on top of the tall bottle. The second tier will have only 2 rows.

Last, wrap the third tier around the top bottle. It will only have one row of 6 or 7.

Now decorate it in the theme of the shower or the baby shower! Use bows and ribbon to cover up the rubber bands.

Personalize it with the baby’s name!

This cake was a hair bow cake! You can take head bands and wrap them around the top tier.

Hope you have as much fun making a diaper cake as I do!

Have a great day!


DIY: Painting frames

DIY: Painting frames

Lately, I’ve been on a refinishing and refurbishing old furniture kick. I tell people it’s really the only “green” thing I do. I’m terrible at recycling. So I just recycle furniture. It’s what I do.

This post doesn’t have any recycled furniture in it, which I find funny since I just told you how green I was. I couldn’t find any 11×14 inch frames to repaint from any of my usual old furniture places. So I went to the good old Hobby Lobby and found an ornate frame.

This is really, really easy to do. If you think you’d like to try it here’s how. I think it’s easier to paint over non glossy, but it is still doable. If you get a glossy frame like mine, make sure you get a primer!

I use Krylon because a lady in an antique store once told me it’s the best. Paint the whole frame with the primer.

Next, let the primer dry for about 20 minutes. Then paint over it with your chosen color spray paint.

I chose white because that’s the color of the built-in book shelf I wanted the picture hanging next to in my office, and it’s what I’ve been painting all my furniture. I think it’s simple, and somehow romantic. I like white.

I ended up putting about two coats of white on my frame. Let the paint dry for 20 minutes in between coats. I had a hard time covering up the primer. After I painted the last coat of white, I took a small paint brush and brushed the crevices of this frame to remove excess paint. I just did this to bring a little bit of the detail back in the frame, but you do what you want!

The finished product…

I absolutely love this picture! The stadium was the perfect backdrop for the family picture on my graduation day.

Oh, and I guess I lied. The white chair in the corner is recycled.

I’m really happy with the finished frame! If you have a large canvas like mine or a print, take it to Hobby Lobby and they will professionally put the picture in the frame and back it. They even put the wire hanger on mine for free! Don’t forget to let me know if you try it!

Have a great day!