Hello everyone!

Emily is a one-of-a-kind client of mine. She’s also my editor for my high school newspaper, student, and former student. Does that make any sense? Probably not, so let me explain.

I first met Emily last year when I was an intern at Prairie Grove High School. This isn’t her first appearance on my blog. She actually was one of the first students in a series of posts I wrote last year when I was teaching a photography workshop in the yearbook class. See her pretty face from a previous post here.

Now, Emily is in my Journalism class and is our school’s newspaper, the PG Post, editor. I couldn’t do anything with out her! She’s extremely smart, not to mention very good at grammar. She catches all my little punctuation and grammar mistakes. Bless her.

You may be asking, what’s with the coca cola? Well, Emily’s kitchen is decked out in Coca Cola memorabilia. We had to get a photo that would fit right in the family kitchen!

Have a great day!