Planning a winter proposal is a little more complicated because of the unpredictability of weather and the accessibility of the best trails. I try to help my clients as much as possible, keeping track of snowfall and scoping out the best location with easy access and a great backdrop. But all the extra effort is totally worth it for the magic of winter and the snow-capped mountain views.

Setting Up the Winter Location With Mountain Views

Tanner, was planning on proposing to his girlfriend Bryanna and wanted a unique spot as private as possible. They both were coming from Miami, Florida, so snow isn’t something that they are real used to. Tanner had called, and we chatted about what his ideal location to propose would be. The morning of his proposal, I went to the location I envisioned would be perfect for this proposal. We had just received about 6 new inches of snow, so I had to snowshoe to the location. Snowshoeing not only helps me get to the location in fresh snow, but also helps them walk that same path in regular snow boots. That’s why I wanted to make sure I had a good trail for them to walk in. Along the way, I took pictures of how to get to that exact spot.

Helping Couples Find the Spot

I knew that there was not time for him to meet me and have me show him exactly where to go, so this was the best I could do. I walked him through each step in pictures, and he was able to follow the clearly laid out directions perfectly. As I was hiding behind some pine trees, here they come, trekking down the trail I made for them that morning. He had her stop on the exact spot, a snow covered boulder overlooking Lake Dillon and Buffalo Mountain. It couldn’t have been more perfect!

Tanner even made sure to write in his 5 star Google review that, “[Andrea] even went on site early that morning prepping the location and sent a detailed plan of how to get to exact spot. She stayed hidden to capture the moments all the way, with a photoshoot after. Photos came out spectacular, and my fiancé and I could not be happier with the whole experience!!”

Planning Out All the Details

Planning out a shoot to the exact detail, even preparing the path ahead of time is something that I am more than willing to do to make my clients enjoy their time even more! I was so happy to be a part of this proposal! Bryanna’s reaction to Tanner getting down on one knee left her totally speechless.