My favorite bridal portraits I’ve EVER done! Doesn’t help to 1. have a ridiculously gorgeous bride 2. be one of her best friends 3. know exactly what she wants and likes

Jennifer is now Mrs. Doss! It seems like 5 years ago that I met Jenn. She was just starting to date this guy named Jacob. Yesterday, I got to stand at the altar as a bridesmaid while she made her groom instantly tear once he saw her walking down the aisle; while they said their vows to always be together; while they FINALLY (after 4 and a half years of dating) were pronounced husband and wife, and walked back down the aisle to the Star Wars theme (Jacob’s thumb print on the ceremony). I am so honored have experienced life with these two people! I was having coffee at Mama Carmen’s one day with Jennifer, and I told her how much it meant to me that she was apart of my story, and I apart of her and Jacob’s story. These two made up a huge part of my life in college and I’ve pledged my support, friendship, and prayer for the rest of their lives. I can’t let them down on that promise!

Jennifer was patient enough to wait for me to finish school before I shot her bridals. We did them last week at Pratt Place Inn and Barn, where her and Jacob were married. I was so thrilled to see a canvas size print of the first one at the wedding!


I have pretty friends!!!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!!!