What can you say when your clients are also your best friends? I think it’s the biggest honor to have my friends ask me to shoot their wedding…and pay me for it! It’s the best compliment, and to boot, I get to work with my best friends on and leading up to their happiest day!

Amberle & Josh are amazing! I knew them before they knew each other and I can’t believe the amazingness of them finding each other and falling in love. It’s a true love story!

Amberle and I both come from small towns pretty close to each other. We met at church and got closer when we took some English literature classes together. We took African-American Literature together and she was my discussion partner. I’m pretty sure we never really discussed Beloved or Uncle Tom’s Cabin, because I was reading Twilight at the time and that’s all I wanted to talk about. Then, our friendship was taken to a whole different level when we decided to live together! She was the best roommate I could ask for! On Sunday afternoons, when I was working on homework, I would yell out Amber-LEE! What am I doing with my life? She was always there to remind me you’re a photographer, you’re a student, you’re going to be an amazing teacher. She just is the best person to be around and I’m so excited to be apart of Amberle and Josh’s wedding.

Josh handed over the keys (keyboard keys) to me when he left Transfer youth group and worship band. I went with him and some other members of theLink college ministry to Bolivia in 2007. He’s brilliant and creative and someone I never want to get in a debate with when it comes to music or literature. He will win and I know it.

They go perfect together! Hugos in downtown Fayetteville was their very first date. So it’s only appropriate we returned to shoot their engagement session there.

I would always have Amberle check my blogs before I posted. I hope she likes this one!

Have a great day!!!