Are you considering postponing your wedding? Love isn’t cancelled! Thank the Lord for whoever said that, and I’d credit them if I knew who first said that when all this COVID-19 craziness started happening. During this time, I’ve been listening to hours of webinars from professionals in the wedding industry. I’ve had so many phone calls with planners and picked their brains about how we can best help our clients and keep our business afloat not only during this time of uncertainty but also looking forward to 2021 events. While so many things are unknown during this time, I’ve gained a lot of optimism and hope because of these five things that I’d like to share with you.

If you are considering postponing your wedding this year, I’ve got five tips to consider:

1. Consider a Weekday Instead of a Saturday.

Years from now, no one is going to remember if you didn’t get married on a Saturday. Most of the guests make a vacation out of their destination wedding anyways, so it doesn’t matter if your actual wedding date is a Saturday. Venues usually have discounted rates, too for non-weekend weddings. Definitely something to consider if you’re having to postpone your wedding to make sure you keep all of your vendors. If you’re wanting to get married in 2021, secure your vendors now! Prime wedding weekends will be harder to come by the longer you wait. 

2. Consider Inviting Less Guests and Live Stream Your Wedding.

If you want to live stream your wedding to your very important guests that now can’t make your wedding, let’s add it on as a service for you. When I got married, in 2015 my grandparents couldn’t make the wedding last minute, so we live streamed it just for them. We can live stream the ceremony to as many guests as you’d like, so let me know if you’d like to do this!

3. Consider Revising Your Guest Count.

My small, intimate wedding packages are perfect for weddings under 50 guests! I personally believe that this is going to be the immediate future of weddings and is inviting between 20-40 guests to keep the total count under 50. Yes, your vendors count as a part of your person count. If you have less guests attending your wedding now, you get a lower rate for your wedding, even full day weddings. Send me a note here to get information about my small weddings packages. I talk more about planning a small, intimate wedding here, so if you are considering this as an option, that post is a must read.

4. Secure Wedding Insurance.

Consider getting wedding insurance. In the age of coronavirus, you can never be too careful and the need to safe guard your wedding is important. Wedding insurance can help you do that. This article I found fantastic and it explains all your options and why you need wedding insurance. Wedsafe.com or Wedsure.com are two great options that I would highly suggest you research and choose the best policy to protect you. 

5. Communicate New Date to Guests On Your Wedding Website.

Communicate with your guests as soon as you have chosen a new date. Make sure all your vendors are on board and you’ve signed any addendums from vendors for your new date. Quickly let your guests know. Keep it informal and post your update on your wedding website. Don’t have a wedding website yet? Let me create one for you! It’s something I love doing and is a great way to use your engagement pictures! I’m loving this post from Green Wedding Shoes on sending postponement invitations. 

Please don’t feel guilty for having to postpone your wedding during this time. It’s not your fault that a pandemic happened in the midst of all your wedding planning. You are choosing to save lives by postponing your wedding. It’s one of the most selfless things you can do. And your wedding planning isn’t just getting thrown away or wasted because you postpone. I believe it is still valuable time that you will get back. You’ve invested in important people in this industry that will help make your wedding happen! 

I’m here for you! Even if you’re not a bride, but a former client or another wedding vendor, please let me know how I can help you during this time of uncertainty.