I’m back with photos!!!

I’ve known Sarah since the ninth grade. She’s a doll! Anyone that meets her, can’t say a single bad word about her. I mean come on, she’s a kindergarten teacher. She came with me and my family to Hawaii and stood up with us when my mom got married. She drove 2 hours to surprise me one night in my dorm room freshman year. We’ve had tons of laughs and cries for the 10 years we’ve been friends.

James is one lucky man to get my best friend! He’s not too bad himself. I went to youth group with him in high school. I guess he can have her!

They live in Springfield, Missouri, and I went up to visit them and take their engagement pictures several weeks ago. They will be going to Jamaica to tie the knot June 16th!!!

I know you are going to fall in love with them after you see their lovely pictures!