I just returned from nine life changing days in Guatemala on a mission trip to build a house for a family in San Pablo. It was very hard to go through all the photos I captured during our time there and narrow it down to 10 of my favorites.

There are so many stories to be told through each image. So I looked at all the stories I could tell throughout the whole trip and tried to pick one that was central to each story. I will be featuring several different aspects of the trip on the blog. To start, here are my top 10 favorite images from Guatemala.

My most favorite image from the trip is from the cross, or La Cruz, overlooking San Juan and Lago Atitlan where we stayed throughout the week.

10 Favorite Images from Guatemala

This is Iglesia De La Merced (La Merced Church) in Antigua. On Saturday they have several weddings there. Brides were lined up outside the church to get married in the cathedral. There are ruins on the left of the buildings facade. 10 Favorite Images from Guatemala

This is Volcano Agua in Antigua. It’s elevation is 12,340 ft, which is close to the same elevation of the ski peaks in Breckenridge where I live.10 Favorite Images from Guatemala

Where we stayed it was easier to get to by boat rather than by car. We took a boat on Lago (Lake) Atitlan from Panajachel to San Juan. 10 Favorite Images from Guatemala

Here you see a worker at the La Voz Coffee Co-Op. He is raking all the fresh coffee that locals bring in from the fields. He rakes and picks out all the leaves and sticks by hand before they take the bean out of the middle of the fruit.
10 Favorite Images from Guatemala

The shores of San Juan showed us how much the lake has risen and covers a lot of buildings in water. The algae bloom and other global issues have caused the lake to rise and flood several homes, businesses, and farmland. 10 Favorite Images from Guatemala

This cat caught my eye on the way down to the work site. Cats, dogs, and chickens roam the streets of San Juan and San Pedro freely. Some have owners but most I saw don’t.
10 Favorite Images from Guatemala

This little girl was playing in a tuc tuc on the side of the street. I asked her for a photo and she gave me the biggest heart melting smile.10 Favorite Images from Guatemala

Our hotel in San Juan had the most beautiful flower garden in the front lawn. I captured this through a fence once the butterfly landed on a flower. 10 Favorite Images from Guatemala

On our last day staying in San Juan, Tyson and I hiked up a mountain to watch the sun come up over Lago Atitlan.

10 Favorite Images from Guatemala

This trip held so much beauty. Not just in the scenery but in the people who live here. It showed me many things, but most importantly showed me that these people are still content without all the things we have in the States. They live simply and they are still happy and smiling. My heart is definitely full.