Top five locations in Colorado to propose in the snow

Top five locations in Colorado to propose in the snow

Looking to propose while on a ski trip in Colorado?

Here are my top five surprise proposal locations in the Central Rockies close to Breckenridge, Keystone, and Vail, Colorado.

Dog Sledding in Breckenridge

Dogsledding proposal in Breckenridge Colorado

Is your favorite girl a dog lover? Well then, proposing while dog sledding in the backcountry may just be the way to make your proposal really the BEST DAY EVER!

Good Times Adventures in Breckenridge, Colorado is the best! As a photographer, I loved how easy it was to work with the staff, they were so accommodating and really friendly. The tour guide even helped film the proposal for the couple and played along with me being a  “social media manager”.

Beverly was just giving the lead dog some love when Jonathan asked her to marry him. She was shocked! I think she was just as shocked to learn that I wasn’t working with Good Times for Instagram content, but that he actually hired me to help plan and capture this whole thing.

The Arrabelle at Vail Square

The Arrabelle at Vail Square is a luxurious place to relax, sip good champagne and propose to the girl of your dreams. Nina and Chris were staying at the Arrabelle and I worked with the staff about two weeks before to reserve the Great Room’s Terrace and design some gorgeous floral arrangements with Vintage Magnolia

Chris gave me two words to describe Nina’s style: Parisian Chic. Since we’re not in France, Vail is the next best place and we were able to create a space and use the backdrop of the gorgeous slope side village to really bring his vision to life.

Loveland Pass Continental Divide

Loveland Pass Continental Divide Colorado Proposal

If you’re not afraid of a little cold then Loveland Pass Continental Divide is a great spot to be on a mountain top surrounded by snowy mountains. Warning: it will be cold and windy, so just go with it! If you’re coming from Denver and staying in Keystone, it’s the perfect alternative route to take in order to surprise her on the way to your ski-in ski-out condo. 

Sapphire Point Overlook

Sapphire Point Proposal

This place is probably the most visited spot in Colorado and for good reason.  It has  panoramic views of the Ten Mile Range and Lake Dillon. It’s just a stop off the road between Breckenridge and Keystone and easily accessible which makes this a great place to easily surprise her with a casual pull off the road to check out the views from the overlook. Pro tip: walk behind the rock wall at the overlook to get unobstructed views of the mountains before you ask her to be your wife. 

Boreas Pass in Breckenridge

Snowy tree proposal in Breckenridge Colorado

Hands down one of my favorite places for a winter walk in Breckenridge. You start out on the snowy road through a row of pine trees and then round the corner to a jaw dropping backdrop of Breckenridge Ski Resort. This road used to be a railroad track and has some incredible rock structures that used to frame steam engines back in the gold mining days. That’s why this place is so special and the perfect place to go for a winter walk and surprise her with a ring. Pro tip: this location is extra special after a fresh blanket of snow. Consider this location if you’re here and Mother Nature just delivered the fluffy white stuff.

How I help plan AND capture surprise proposals.

You may or may not know this about me. When I decided to go full time with my photography and leave my teaching job after eight years in education, I took a part time job working in the luxury wedding industry with a company called Go Bella Design and Planning. As Emily Campbell’s assistant event producer, I loved every wedding and client I got to work with. I stopped working part time on the Bella team due to the pandemic, but I learned a lot in the year that I worked at Go Bella and am so thankful for the knowledge and relationships I have because of it. 

I know I can’t plan an entire wedding from start to finish. I’ll leave that up to the pros like Emily. However, I have taken my experience in the planning and design world and my rolodex of connections and starting planning surprise proposals.

What my client has to say about helping him plan and capture his proposal

I’ve been capturing surprise proposals since 2018 and I love the entire process. Read what my very first client said about his experience with me capturing his surprise proposal:

Andrea was simply Amazing!! She helped me every step of the way in planning the perfect spot to propose and coordinating the timing and the surprise element all tailored to my needs. She even went on site several hours early that morning prepping the location and setting up and sent a detailed plan of how to get to the exact spot. She stayed hidden to capture the moments all the way, with a photoshoot after. Photos came out spectacular and my fiancé and I could not be happier with the whole experience!!

Tanner, proposal client

Now, I work with the venue on site to make sure the location is reserved, private, and set up perfectly. I also work with local floral designers to enhance the setup and even design mood boards for the style of the proposal so it matches the couples personalities and likes. Check out the Mood Board I created for Nina and Chris’s proposal to ensure that the design came out perfectly and tailored to them.

Looking to propose soon while on your ski trip? Reach out soon so we can start the uber fun planning process!

Surprise Engagement Photo Session at Blue Lakes

Surprise Engagement Photo Session at Blue Lakes

Nico and Emmalie had a surprise engagement photo session on Labor Day weekend at Monte Cristo Falls! It was absolutely perfect!
I had been helping Emmalie’s sister, Lydia plan this perfect proposal for months.
Nico had a picnic ready for Emmalie, and both Emmalie and Nico’s family were hidden in the trees waiting for him to pop the question.
After lots of celebration and champagne, we all celebrated the couple’s engagement on top of the mountain above Blue Lakes.
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The Holidays Have Been Dethroned As the Most Popular Time to Propose

The Holidays Have Been Dethroned As the Most Popular Time to Propose

Thanksgiving and Christmas have always held the title for the most popular time to propose. According to this Brides.com article, December is the most popular time followed by July and August. Until now, most of my proposals were in December and January. Well, this trend was flipped upside down when the coronavirus hit, and now the new popular time is right now!

My guess is that you’ve had plenty of one-on-one time due to this virus and now you’ve figured out (or maybe you already knew) that this is your person. You’ve had plenty of time to shop online for that ring. Now you are both dying to go on a mountain adventure and get out of the house. Breathe in that fresh mountain air. 

Jeff planned a last minute trip to Breckenridge with Maddy. He wanted to propose in a picturesque place. After a quick phone conversation, we narrowed it down to one of my favorite locations that has views for miles. I told him how I typically like to schedule shoots right around sunset to take advantage of the best lighting in the mountains. Golden hour is simply the best, but it goes quick so I wanted to snag the best spot at Windy Point for them to take in the sunset. Jeff dropped down to one knee just as the sun was cresting behind the mountain, and it was absolutely magical!

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Tear Drop Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Just look at that ring! I’m seeing lots of pear shaped halo diamond rings, and I’m not mad about it! They are stunning and take up plenty of real estate on that left hand! My favorite ring designers in Colorado, Sarah O. Jewelers also have pear-shaped signature engagement rings. I highly recommend them if you want your own ring designed locally.

Contact me today if you’d like to plan a picturesque proposal to the love of your life and join the trend of this most popular time to propose.


Surprise Proposal in Breckenridge Colorado Disguised as a Family Session

Surprise Proposal in Breckenridge Colorado Disguised as a Family Session

How do you plan a surprise proposal while on vacation in Breckenridge? Hayden schemed with his future mother-in-law Shannon to set up a family session with me. I helped them both plan the location and what I would tell them to do, to let Hayden know it was time to pull out the ring. Ad you can see on her face, Hannah had no idea what was about to happen!

The Leed family drove over from where their vacation rental was in Buena Vista to have their hybrid family and surprise proposal session at Boreas Pass. The session was going so well, and even though I had told them what the cue would be to propose, Hayden even surprised me as he dropped down on one knee on the road that used to be an old railroad and proposed to one shocked Hannah. She, of course, said yes, and then we were able to take engagement photos immediately!

Having her parents and her sister there who was also totally surprised was so much fun!

Engagement Photographer in Breckenridge Colorado

Surprise proposal in Breckenridge Colorado

Surprise proposal in Breckenridge Colorado

Andrea Stark Photography captures a surprise proposal in Breckenridge Colorado

Andrea Stark Photography captures a surprise proposal in Breckenridge Colorado

Engagement Photography in Breckenridge Colorado with a mountain backdrop

Engagement Photographer in Breckenridge Colorado

Breckenridge Engagement Photography Session with a Mountain Backdrop

Sunset Engagement session in Breckenridge Colorado with an epic Mountain View

Engagement Photographer in Breckenridge Colorado

Engagement Photographer in Breckenridge Colorado

Engagement Photographer in Breckenridge Colorado

Engagement Photography in Breckenridge Colorado


Colorado Winter Engagement Photo Session in Red Cliff

Colorado Winter Engagement Photo Session in Red Cliff

I recently had the most fun winter engagement photo session in Red Cliff, Colorado with some dear friends.

Fun fact: The first time I got to hang out with both Kat and Dave was after a Red Rock’s show. We met up at a restaurant in Golden, Colorado. Dave is a fly fishing guide like my husband, and we all like the same music. They’re both just overall great friends, and I loved it when Kat asked me to take their engagement pictures.

Red Cliff, Colorado – Perfect For an Engagement Photo Session

Red Cliff is such a perfect location because this tiny town has so much character and has barely changed in the last 50 years. The green bridge is one of my favorite Colorado landmarks. We even ran into a few friendly snowmobilers on Shrine Pass Road, a common much-loved activity in these parts.

Along the river, there are huge boulders that make a great backdrop for their session. We stopped along the route from Red Cliff to Camp Hale for some epic mountain views. If you haven’t been out to Camp Hale before, they have a gorgeous summer and fall time wedding venue. I’m really hoping to shoot a wedding there this year! So if you’re getting married at Camp Hale in 2020 or 2021, let me know!

Since Kat and Dave are both fly fishers, I didn’t want to leave out the small streams being a little part of their session. Dave even popped the question while they were fly fishing on the Colorado River. I love bringing in personal elements to each photo session. They brought their dog Maggie for the last part of the session complete with heirloom fishing cups from Dave’s family and champagne.

“A True Delight To Work With”

Kat had a few sweet words after I delivered her engagement images: “Thank you for capturing this special time in our lives! You are a true delight to work with. We’ll cherish these forever! […] I’m going to need another excuse for some photos!! Love them so much, I can’t stand it!”

Scroll on through for a few favorites!



How To Plan Out the Perfect Winter Proposal Photos

How To Plan Out the Perfect Winter Proposal Photos

Planning a winter proposal is a little more complicated because of the unpredictability of weather and the accessibility of the best trails. I try to help my clients as much as possible, keeping track of snowfall and scoping out the best location with easy access and a great backdrop. But all the extra effort is totally worth it for the magic of winter and the snow-capped mountain views.

Setting Up the Winter Location With Mountain Views

Tanner, was planning on proposing to his girlfriend Bryanna and wanted a unique spot as private as possible. They both were coming from Miami, Florida, so snow isn’t something that they are real used to. Tanner had called, and we chatted about what his ideal location to propose would be. The morning of his proposal, I went to the location I envisioned would be perfect for this proposal. We had just received about 6 new inches of snow, so I had to snowshoe to the location. Snowshoeing not only helps me get to the location in fresh snow, but also helps them walk that same path in regular snow boots. That’s why I wanted to make sure I had a good trail for them to walk in. Along the way, I took pictures of how to get to that exact spot.

Helping Couples Find the Spot

I knew that there was not time for him to meet me and have me show him exactly where to go, so this was the best I could do. I walked him through each step in pictures, and he was able to follow the clearly laid out directions perfectly. As I was hiding behind some pine trees, here they come, trekking down the trail I made for them that morning. He had her stop on the exact spot, a snow covered boulder overlooking Lake Dillon and Buffalo Mountain. It couldn’t have been more perfect!

Tanner even made sure to write in his 5 star Google review that, “[Andrea] even went on site early that morning prepping the location and sent a detailed plan of how to get to exact spot. She stayed hidden to capture the moments all the way, with a photoshoot after. Photos came out spectacular, and my fiancé and I could not be happier with the whole experience!!”

Planning Out All the Details

Planning out a shoot to the exact detail, even preparing the path ahead of time is something that I am more than willing to do to make my clients enjoy their time even more! I was so happy to be a part of this proposal! Bryanna’s reaction to Tanner getting down on one knee left her totally speechless.